Tas ALP leader accepts car crash blame

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New Tasmanian opposition leader Bryan Green concedes he was in the wrong when he crashed his car two days after getting the job.


Mr Green’s car collided with another in Hobart’s CBD on Wednesday afternoon.

The former deputy premier was unanimously elected Labor’s leader on Monday after last month’s big state election loss.

Tasmania Police are yet to release details of the crash but CCTV footage has emerged of a four-wheel drive appearing to run a red light and collecting a small sedan.

“I think it is fair to say I would have been in the wrong under the circumstances,” Mr Green told reporters in Hobart as he unveiled his shadow cabinet.

No one was injured in the crash.

Mr Green said his car had suffered minor damage and the other car’s was “more significant”.

The 56-year-old was still waiting to hear from police but defended his driving record and said the incident would not affect his leadership.

“I’ve been driving for 40 years,” Mr Green said.

“I haven’t had a traffic accident in 35 years and I’ve driven a lot of kilometres in that time.

“I certainly wasn’t under the influence of anything.”

Mr Green has developed something of a reputation for being accident prone.

He previously walked away from two light plane crashes, in 2006 and 2010.

“I don’t think danger necessarily follows me but I guess there’s not too many people that can say … they’ve survived two light plane crashes,” he said.

“I would like to think I’m a survivor from that point of view.

“I just feel so relieved that no one was hurt.

“It was a shock to me obviously and certainly sharpened me up.”

Mr Green used the crash to criticise a government decision to cut drivers for MPs, who will be forced to use car pool official vehicles to help save $500,000.

“When you’ve got a lot on your mind and you’re working on things like shadow portfolios, it is an all-encompassing job,” he said.

“In the end I think it is unsafe.”

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