Furstenberg: Women must know who they are

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Diane von Furstenberg felt like “a fog lifted” when she finally understood who she is.


The designer believes the only thing that holds many women back is their own fear. That was definitely the case for her, but since she began focusing on what she wants from life, she claims things have been more enjoyable.

“You can’t fake clarity,” she told British magazine Marie Claire.

“For years, in recent years, I wasn’t that clear, and it was very painful. But one day, it was like the fog lifted and, all of a sudden, everything was clear.”

She began designing in 1970 after marrying Prince Egon of Furstenberg because she wanted to show she wasn’t comfortable living off her husband’s wealth.

She went on to create the wrap dress, which has become a staple in women’s wardrobes to this day.

Furstenberg was quizzed on how women can follow in her footsteps and gave some bold advice.

“Well, if she wants to do it, she’s got to go for it,” she insisted.

“That’s it. I say to my granddaughters, who are 13 and 14, you should say thank you for all the things you have, and then you should think about the woman you want to be. When you know, you think about it, clarify it, go seriously about it and you do your thing.”

Furstenberg believes in empowering women and hopes that message shines through in her designs. She is pleased that feminism has become a topic of discussion again and wants women to start taking risks.

“I think women are strong, but sometimes the strength is very hidden. Maybe [because of] a husband, a father, themselves, whatever. Then comes adversity and, all of a sudden, the strength comes out,” she said.

“Nobody can do it for you. Only you have the key. You have to have a relationship with yourself.”

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